A simple Haskell API for finding and accessing data from Wikipedia.

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Aether is simple Haskell API for finding and accessing data from Wikipedia.

Search Wikipedia, fetch search suggestions, get article summaries, and more! Aether puts the power of the MediaWiki API at your fingertips.


Let's play around with Aether in GHCi. First, let's import Aether.

ghci> import Aether

Let's try out some basic Aether functions.

ghci> summary "Blue"
"Blue is the colour of the clear sky and the deep sea. "

ghci> search "entropy law"
["Second law of thermodynamics","Entropy","Laws of thermodynamics","Thermodynami
cs","Non-equilibrium thermodynamics","Nicholas Georgescu-Roegen","Statistical me
chanics","Third law of thermodynamics","Ludwig Boltzmann","Fluctuation theorem"]

ghci> suggest "Pysics"

That was easy!

The WikipediaPage data type represents an individual Wikipedia page. Let's use the page function to fetch a WikipediaPage value.

ghci> pg <- page "Computer science"

There are a variety of functions that operate on WikipediaPage values.

ghci> title pg
"Computer science"

ghci> lastEdit pg

ghci> isRedirect pg

ghci> take 175 $ content pg
"'''Computer science''' (abbreviated '''CS''' or '''CompSci''') is the [[science
|scientific]] and practical approach to [[computation]] and its applications. It
 is the systemat"

Aether has many more features—and many more to come! See below for installation and contribution information.


After downloading/cloning the source repository, install Aether from the main directory using cabal-install:

$ cabal install


Aether is a work-in-progress. Pull requests are most certainly welcome!

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